Diary of an Avatar

Head Hacking

Omens and Premonitions

The occult is a domain of secrets and the next tantalizing truth that I dangle in front of you is to imagine if someone developed a way so that you could truly get a good look into the future. For many individuals, predicting the future let alone believing premonitions is as black as bears, dark, and impossible. Yet for others, the future is in shades of brown or cinnamon suggesting the possibilities for other options. After all, you only have to see one white bear or experience one cognitive awakening, in order to throw all of your theories or beliefs, into jeopardy. Consider the personalities and the testimonies of the people involved, regarding premonitions. Individuals such as Mark Twain, Sir Winston Churchill, Irene Hughes, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Vargas, people of good reputations and with no reason or motive to deceive us of their visons or experiences. Denying their entire stories or accounts is the poison pill of bias and ignorance. Furthermore, we should be asking just how clear these occult visions could become. Could premonitions become prophecies? You would soon know who was going to become a court judge, police chief, newspaper editor, or politician. You would gain a perspective on the movers and shakers of our society as no one ever has before.

Currently, the belief in God Almighty is waning as these new leaders emerge. Many a cult inductee now heralds THEIR existence, follows THEIR lead, and perhaps even worships only THEM. Like fingers on a hand, these secret truths work together and now form a fist, something that will lead to the undoing of our nations if they are, ignored much longer.

Anyone’s sphere of influence can be, expanded by covert means or in this case Head Hacking.

If computer programming used intrinsic commands, such as HOLD, FREEZE, ALLOCATE, READ LIBRARY, RESTORE, CREATE, OPEN WINDOW, and VOID. Then our intrinsic human programming commands would have to be CATELEPSY, ANESTHESIA, HYPER-ACUITY, AGE REGRESSION, REVIVIFICATION, HALLUCINATIONS, AUTOMATIC WRITING and most important of all - AMNESIA.

This human vulnerability, (which we all share), can be, easily exploited. Human greed being the way that it is will always contribute to some very disturbing occurrences. In essence, they are a new danger - for evil too has evolved. The reason for declaring this is because there are other secrets in their arsenal to consider. Obviously, there are limitations or ratio’s as to how much should be, conveyed during any book pre-sale. Suffice it to say, there is the prospect that some of these gifted individuals could actually read your mind. It wouldn’t be long before things might progress to controlling it or even unhinging it if they so desired. Lastly, I should convey one more…

​​ Diary of an Avatar is a true story available at Amazon books, worldwide. 

Is hypnosis fake?

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Surprisingly many believe that hypnosis is fake even after the sexual assault allegations against Ohio lawyer Michael Fine first circulated in the news media, (Nov. 26 2014). Many still believed that the hypnotized volunteer is simply miming or play-acting the requests given to them.

“Stage Hypnosis is nothing more than peer pressure to play along with a game.”
“You have to be extremely gullible to find it convincing.”
“If it were real to make someone violate his or her free will then hypnotists would be dominating the world by now.”
“If hypnosis worked just a fraction of the time then there would be no such things as pick up artists, sites, or books. Everything would be about hypnosis. There would be hypnosis training on every other street corner, and with pocket watches just flying off the shelves.”
“You can’t even be hypnotized unless you trust the person performing the hypnosis.”
“Hypnosis is not a state of unconsciousness... it is an altered state of consciousness; one which you can make yourself snap out of if at any point you feel uncomfortable.”
“If you know anything about hypnosis at all, you know that it can never make you do something you’re not already willing to do as a person, nor will it erase your memory of what happened.”
“Real life hypnotism isn’t like what you see in TV and movies where the person can be, completely controlled by the hypnotist.”
“This is utter bullsh**t and hopefully all the people trying to prosecute this man are mocked and ridiculed and lose their jobs for being complete and utter morons.”
“Are we actually going to start believing that some random guy can actually hypnotize people into doing acts they find objectionable and then not recall them?”
“There is no evidence that hypnotism of that sort exists. Moreover, given the two options of ‘believing in non-sense-superstition’ and ‘some women did lewd acts that they regretted later’, are we actually going to say that the former is more believable? Come one. This sounds like some women wanted to end their sexual liaison and either get back at their lawyer or at least deflect blame for their situation away from themselves.”

However, a few others feel differently:

“To anyone claiming that hypnotism just isn’t real, you’re incredibly naïve, and you should probably quit the habit of commenting on things you know nothing about.”
“Hypnosis is real and you don’t seem to understand that some things in the world are a lot more than what you would think. When I asked people who were hypnotized what happened, they told me that they don’t remember. Hypnotist and others say hypnosis can’t make you do something you don’t want to do, but that’s a load of bulls**t. Based on that theory that would mean everyone who was in a hypnotist show have been wanting to act like an idiot in front of all their friends. I don’t believe that. People are probably told this because hypnotists don’t want them to know the truth.”
“Hypnotism does work but often more to those that are open to suggestion. Dentists and other doctors have considered using it instead of large amounts of painkillers for general practice. What I know about it is that it depends entirely on the subject. If they have a large imagination and can be open to suggestion than what you can do with someone can go pretty far. If hypnotism was not a thing, then how do you suppose cults work?”

Professor Scheflin has been, judicially recognized in federal and state courts as an expert on mind and behavior control, suggestion and suggestibility, memory, and hypnosis, and according to him:

“During the Victorian era’ people’s exposure to hypnosis was not only as a form of entertainment, but it seemed like a form of mind control as well. You could get people to do anything that you asked of them. You could have them be, suspended between two chairs, you could even stand on them when they were, suspended between two chairs, and you could do a lot worse as well. A stage hypnotist in Georgia put an iron bar into the eyelids of a subject, and as if that isn’t bad enough to suspend an iron bar from the eyelids, he took it one-step further and then pulled a young woman on roller skates. So it’s not always fun to be, hypnotized, and some people have taken the idea of stage hypnosis, it seems to me, far beyond where it should be entitled to go.”

Obviously over the years, the hypno-skeptics, (the hypno-denialists) claims have never been, adequately contested. However, do methods exist that make it possible to transform hypnosis into a powerful form of mind control?
Paul William McKenna is a British hypnotist, behavioral scientist, television broadcaster, and author of self-help books once stated:

“One of the most powerful tools the hypnotist has is language. Words can sell products, words can start wars, and words can change the world. Sales people, professional communicators, and politicians all use the strength and weakness of language to their advantage. In a sense, they’re all hypnotists. We use words to represent things in our minds and it’s one of their main ways, we make sense of the world. But at the same time, it’s also the way others can gain access to your mind and to influence you. If they do it with the techniques hypnotists use then - it’s a good chance they will soon have you seeing things their way - whether you like it or not.”

For the record, in mid-November 2016, the Washington Post reported that Michael Fine, who pleaded guilty in September to assaulting at least six clients in a plea-agreement, was, sentenced to 12 years in prison. He has also been, disbarred and will have to register as a tier-two sex offender.

​Mr. Fine was a lone wolf predator and his methods were far from being polished such as those utilized by a secret society with a ninety-year head start. In their realm, they always act in groups or packs and readily cover for each other if one of them ever becomes accused.