A lifetime in the making; with a Cardinal Rule

This amazing and intense memoir is impossible to read without coming away profoundly shaken and forever changed. As a parent concerned for the well-being of their children and teens, this is the distinct must-read novel of the year, perhaps even for the decade. As all parents have done over the years, you will probably spend thousands of dollars to protect your children in some way or another. The small costs of these two e-books (the price of cab fare), will not only entertain you for a month or two; they will also educate you enough to such a degree that it might just save your life, your children’s lives, as well as save your country! 

Diary of an Avatar Part 1 = 464 pages

Diary of an Avatar Part 2 = 600 pages

​​ Diary of an Avatar is a true story available at Amazon books, worldwide. 

The Diary of Anne Frank gave us a unique perspective of what it was like being, racially targeted on a grand scale. We acquired her sense of fear, courage, and perseverance against such a monstrous movement.

Diary of an Avatar also employs a series of diary style entries through much of it; it was the best way to convey accuracy and they are easy to read and comprehend. Each is a short story unto itself, slowly revealing conversations and accumulating towards explaining the activities of a modern day monster. You can only get a good look inside any society by either reading about or experiencing them, firsthand.

For years, I have been honestly questioning this realm of paranormal intuition, and I always knew that one of two things would happen concerning my beliefs. Either my beliefs will survive these investigations; so that I would have more reasons to accept them - or I will realize that, I had been mistaken, thus freeing myself from an illusion. Indeed, the world of ideas is home to a constant struggle, where beliefs are continually subject to criticism, and only the strongest survive.

If the make believe accounts depicted in Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” made you question the roles of women as well as the secrets of the church, then this real life account of mysticism, startling accurate events of divination toward future events, mind control, and Pagan magic will do the same as well. You may come to realize how we have been, lied to, or deceived by many who should have known better.

Since this task, - filled over a thousand pages - I soon had no choice but to break my epic journey into two parts, into two books. What’s more, these enigmatic subjects are always evolving and our ever-competing world needs to keep pace with them. 

There is a cardinal rule concerning memoirs. They should be long enough to adequately tell a story or share your knowledge. You should only include content that contributes to the story and avoid frivolous details that are, designed only to fill pages. You should also avoid being maudlin and avoid exaggeration. I feel that I remained faithful to all of these obligations.

In this memoir, I simply explain my life and my encounters such as crossing paths with Mr. Len Hougue the Vancouver cop who shot his wife and six kids and Luc Jouret who was the Solar Temple cult leader responsible for the deaths of dozens of his followers. This was, followed by a chance encounter with one of Clifford Olsen's victims named Judy Kosma as well as Darren Huenemann and his two buddies, just hours after they bludgeoned his mother to death. Things weren’t all bad since I met and befriended people who became rich and famous, for instance, a couple of well-known Hollywood movie stars, and two NHL hockey pros. That being said, what makes it truly remarkable is that​ I explain the mechanics behind my repressed memories as well as unlocking the mysteries of the occult realms of mysticism, hypnotism and mind control, followed by intuition and of course premonitions. I shy away from nothing. All of these subjects - taken on their own - suggest a conspiracy. However, if they are, correlated, as they should be, then they begin to explain how this world actually works, which is a worthy pursuit.

This is a worthy pursuit since; we are as a people constantly destroying the world around us because of our ignorance; because of our common and reinforced communal beliefs. For instance, consider the senseless or absurd beliefs of the mystical properties associated with ivory tusks, rhino horns, and even the body parts of Albino’s living in Africa. Also, we should never forget the reckless, asinine actions behind slavery, women’s suffrage, and Antisemitism.

In the western world, we are not immune from similar acts of stupidity and ignorance although we often wish to think of ourselves as acting better than others do or as being wiser or kinder listeners. However, we here in the West still believe that men are responsible for the majority of abuse, that hypnosis is fake, that the future is unpredictable. We also believe that phenomenally gifted people don’t exist let alone walk among us. This true story will open your eyes to what is really going on in this world and why we are all in so much trouble if we don’t start to listen soon. 

A Diary Format

Diary of an Avatar