My dear brother died of a heroin overdose and I’m actually happy that he did. I will always be very sorry that he had to die in the first place but his mind was, made up and it was just a question of how he would exit his life. A week before he died, we got together for a rather cryptic filled talk. During its course, he seriously considered “shooting at a bunch of school kiddies as they gleefully left their bus.” It took me months to begin figuring out why he felt so monstrous….

In the town where I grew up, by the early 1970’s, there was a heroin epidemic. Rampant drug use is rarely the result of good sales tactics but rather as a way to hide and mask much deeper social issues. Five years later, this was, followed by an epidemic of marijuana cultivation and it was revolutionary. Today, Canada is the first G7 country to legalize its use. The fact that there was a secret society in our midst promoting its use and cultivation can’t be, ignored. After all, consider the effects of mixing marijuana and hypnosis. Coxing someone into a trance, straight, can be difficult but not after, he or she becomes stoned. I introduce hypnosis into this picture because it is, by far, the best way to get anyone to lower his or her guard. It is, by far, the best way into the recesses of anyone’s mind in order to suspend their free will. And if you ever want to read, control or unhinge an individual then this is how it all begins. Minds, which become unhinged, are a serious problem for much of North America.

Many addiction specialist's will tell you; “Treating patients struggling with mental illness is decidedly one of the most challenging tasks in modern medicine.”
Since the Columbine School shooting by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (in 1999), there have been 146 mass shootings in the US. Too often parents miss many strange behaviors. They miss or ignore the red flags. They simply think their children are going through adolescence.
So far, the blame has been, attributed to few or no friends; being the victims of verbal threats; signs of violence; and a fascination with weapons. The latest cause for blame is reactions to certain prescription medications. And according to Dr. Casey Jordan, some are, known as “Grudge Collectors”; these people have a persecution complex from being, bullied. They may have a learning disability, mental issue along with anger and power control issues, which can manifest into psychosis and even associative identity disorder. Yet others might have a “Napoleon Complex” where they are misunderstood. That they need more power and no one can tell them what to do.
Now here’s the common denominator or a key revelation behind many acts of violence and murders. If they don’t shoot themselves like some Manchurian Candidate and they enter the prison system, they finally talk with a therapist for the first time in their lives. The therapist is the first person that they have ever told, the first outsider to learn that they were, abused sexually. These therapists are now finding out how one in three are victims of abuse or 30 %, and that half of all murders interviewed were sexually abused and they never told anyone.

Therapists and female abusers

Diary of an Avatar

When female abuse survivors try to disclose that women were their primary perpetrators, a lack of acceptance is common. Profoundly disturbing is how seventy-eight percent of the survivors said they could find no one willing to help or believe in them. Despite the fact that victims often describe being, physically and sexually abused for as long as they could remember and with the memories so vivid and in such detail.

When male survivors of female abuse have told their stories many were, told that the abuser must have been MALE and were, offered help to remember the REAL abuser. They are, often met with the rebuttal that they are having fantasies about their mothers and that they still need more therapy to deal with them. Even though their lives, have been dramatically, affected. Even though, many have turned to drugs, alcohol, and solvents. Even though, many have often-attempted suicide and even though some may have gender identity problems. One man, made to dress in girl’s underwear by his female abusers, has continued this behavior into his adult life and now has difficulty with relationships.Many men often grow up with the fact that they were often, dis-empowered at a young age. They end up sexually abusing others or committing murders. They rarely ever want to admit to being a victim or they insist that the signs were there but nobody cared to help them. The key to sexual abuse is they are acting out and trying to regain the control that they lost as a child. They don’t care whom they act out on and they just want the control back in their lives. A disturbing aspect found in some of these cases is the HATRED OF and VIOLENCE TOWARDS women and girls that some of the men admit to feeling. Something, which this female led secret society actually utilize and retool as a sort of diving rod for their own recruitment needs. 

Mass Shootings and Murders

Abuse Results

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The fact is; people like to dominate other people. Furthermore, using the powers of hypnosis for subversion, in order to dominate others has been, happening all over the USA and Canada. Under the guise of peace and harmony, secret societies and cults have been able to imprint many of their views and beliefs on an involuntary, then cognizant, level. The danger is that few victims ever remember how they have been, compromised. And if they ever should remember, whom can they complain too? What makes matters worse is that many people in authority are reluctant or hesitant to investigate something that they prefer to view as impossible or fake.
For some further consideration, look how the province of British Columbia is home to many destructive social issues on a large scale, something out of step with its population as a whole. This is a fact that the public, the journalists, news editors, and politicians should be questioning far deeper.
In essence, these destructive social issues go hand in hand with abuse. The greater the amount of abuse then the more problems you will have such as thievery, poverty, drug use, fentanyl overdose deaths and many forms of violence. Years ago, B.C. Provincial Judge, Vincent Hogan once stated:

“Any provincial court judge who sits for any length of time realizes that the violence we rain down on our children on a regular and ongoing basis returns. It is rare to encounter a prisoner who has been, raised in a loving and kind family. It happens, but it is rare.”

After talking with some of my hometown friend’s few if any, realize that it’s a major spot for sex tourism. Few remember the rampant cases of clergy abuse that went on for decades. For the record, Crown prosecutor Dana Urban once stated how his complainants suffered emotional pain as, a result of the priest’s conduct. He said,

“Courts in the Kootenay's have been inundated in the past seven years by sexual crimes against children. School janitors, teachers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, Big Brothers, and priests have been, charged in such cases. So much of this has occurred that when we travel outside the Kootenay's, we are not asked about the scenery, we are asked why we have so many perverts.”

Very few abuse survivors provide the public with any details but after they do, then the picture gets even worse since, few people are willing to acknowledge how many women are involved, how often they are actually behind much of it. 

Astoundingly, while male pedophiles use lone wolf tactics, female pedophiles often act in groups or packs and readily cover for each other if one of them ever becomes accused.

More simply, in our town we were, inundated with pedophile priests and a group of women participating in and co-ordinating the various sexual trades where children were involved. Furthermore, these women were also members and leaders of this secret society or cult. Another weird coincidence perhaps, I think not since, the smaller the town, the bigger the secrets.

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This Book is dedicated to

Those who have suffered needlessly,
To those who have fallen far too early, and
To those who have yet to find their way back
To being, complete again.