Diary of an Avatar

  Author’s Note

At the heart of all this mayhem is a secret as simple as a card trick, which was first, deployed upon me by two teenage girls. Something easily taught, mastered, but constantly overlooked by the world over.

Some of my accounts are astounding. Not even one has been, dramatized. Many were scrutinized for years and relayed exactly as, I remember them. By the time I was aware enough to understand what these Illuminists did to me, most were very old or dead. Laying charges against cult leaders and their member’s is never easy, especially in B.C. where police need approval before laying a charge. Under the Crown Counsel Act, police must gather enough evidence to establish a substantial likelihood of conviction and the prosecutor has to conclude that any charges are in the public's interest.

In my situation, I found it more important to identify their crimes by comprehending the secrets used in their deployment, rather than the identities of the individuals dispensing them. It is for this reason that I use many synonym and pseudonym identities throughout this story.

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This Book is dedicated to

Those who have suffered needlessly,
To those who have fallen far too early, and
To those who have yet to find their way back
To being, complete again.