You should read Diary of an Avatar simply because, what bad things happened to me - can or probably will happen - to someone you know. The abuse I suffered, the family deaths I endured, was a derivative from their existence, their practices, and desires.

This amazing and intense two-part memoir is impossible to read without coming away profoundly shaken and forever changed. As a parent concerned for the well-being of their children and teens, this is the distinct must-read novel of the year, perhaps even for the decade. As all parents have done over the years, you will probably spend thousands of dollars to protect your children in some way or another. The small costs of these two e-books (THE PRICE OF CAB FARE), will not only entertain you for a month or two; they will also educate you enough to such a degree that it might just save your life, your children’s lives, as well as save your country! 

It is highly recommended that read both parts in the proper order. After you finish Diary of an Avatar Part 1, then you can lend it out to a friend or relative, while you move on to Diary of an Avatar Part 2. It’s almost like two books for the price of one. 

Some epic journeys or memoirs are, shaped by the powers of intuition. Powers that the church revere and hold sacred are also powers that pagan cults and the Illuminati exploit every day!
In the occult world, an avatar is simply a messenger; linked up with a higher power to deliver a warning and in this case, the warning is ominous: “There will be no 22nd century!”

The second half of this journey begins when Richard, begins to question how his brother died, how both of their lives went so wrong, for so long. His returning memories, almost nightmares, revealed how secret occult experiments have been, conducted on his friends and townsfolk, for several decades, in fact they continue even now! They reveal that depression indicates sexual abuse, pagan magic is actually mind control, and suicide is often murder - for evil too has evolved!
The second half of this journey explains the techniques, methods, and occult secrets these predators manage and wield.

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Diary of an Avatar Part  2

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Why you should read - Diary of an Avatar

Diary of an Avatar; the Inside Story

Diary of an Avatar

A lifetime in the making; with a cardinal rule

We have all heard of cults; their leaders, and know a few things about them. For instance, in 1978 there was Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple Agricultural Project, where 918 people died with over 200 of them being children. After him, in the 90’s it was David Koresh, who was the leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect outside of Waco, Texas. He led fifty-four adults and twenty-eight children to their early demise. Next, Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese cult that translates to the “Supreme Truth” and founded by Shoko Asahara in 1984, followed him. They gained international notoriety after carrying out the deadly Tokyo subway sarin attack of 1995. Some members were also, found responsible for another but smaller sarin attack the previous year. Let’s not forget the Order of the Solar Temple, started by Luc Jouret and Joseph Di Mambro, who inspired over seventy people, some forcibly, to their deaths. Two years later, the Heaven’s Gate cult, led by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles, made the headline news. They ordered 38 people to commit suicide in San Diego when they claimed the return of Haley’s Comet was their pathway into eternity. We have all heard of these cults and they should be, considered as small and relatively short-lived. They received our attention only because large amounts of people died in a short time period. 
Unfortunately for us, there are many other cults in this world. Since the dawn of Christianity and especially through the inquisitions, pagan cults or satanic cults have successfully remained hidden, at least for the most part. Secrecy is their lifeblood, which makes some secret societies worth further investigation. These are the ones, the public needs to be concerned-with. Additionally, they produce their share of victims as well. Like a steady drip from a faucet, the misfits and the lost souls add up over time. It’s only one or two from each town or city each year but spread out over hundreds if not thousands of cities across North America and over seven decades then the numbers add up significantly.
As a parent, naturally you would be concerned for your youngsters about a pedophile, a sexual predator released from prison into your neighborhood. This new and hidden breed of predator may not be fresh out of prison but you should still be concerned - perhaps even more so.
In the 1920’s, a New Age religious cult arrived on the shores of British Columbia. Led by Arthur Wilson, who called himself Brother XII, he was also, driven by a quest for control, the secrets of intuition creating a key for power; opening the gifts and rewards towards leadership. His organization may have disbanded but not all of his members left the province. Today they claim to be the Illuminati out to change the world with illumination and open mindedness and yet - they currently hide in the dark. Furthermore, they are specifically recruiting or targeting your high school teenagers. The reasons for this are appalling since: 

 This is the time when parents start cutting their apron strings from them.

This is the time when parents let them begin to make their own decisions in life.

Adolf Hitler once declared; “If you control the children then you can control the future.” This cult, this arm of the Illuminati, makes this same declaration! 

​Descriptions for the Diary of an Avatar Books

The phone rang; it was our aunt divulging how she had just found her husband dead in their basement. He had used his belt, tied it to the joists, and then hung himself with it. A year later, a teenager from our neighborhood positioned his hunting rifle below his chin and then bang - his life was over. After him, a fellow cadet went to the train tracks with a pistol to end his suffering. Others from our town, descended into hard drug use. Several would overdose early in their lives. One such individual was my older brother. A week before he died, we got together and had a long talk about these suicides, the connections between them all. He warned me, if you ever figured out what was really going on, to be careful with whom you talk-to.

The first half of this journey begins when a loving father and mother adopted Richard. Sadly, she was a pedophile and an adulteress who became a prostitute and a sexual predator. Just as Richard was about to reach adulthood, his life would take a turn for the worse. Abducted by a secret occult society, this victim would learn how we are all sheep in the midst of wolves. For most of the people in this cult like collective - there is no escape!  ​
The first part of his journey reveals a series of astonishing occult truths and habits concealed for centuries, even to this present day. 


 Diary of an Avatar is a Canadian memoir available worldwide thru Amazon books

Diary of an Avatar Part  1

​​​There is a cardinal rule concerning memoirs. They should be long enough to adequately tell a story or share your knowledge. You should only include content that contributes to the story and avoid frivolous details that are, designed only to fill pages. You should also avoid being maudlin and avoid exaggeration. I feel that I remained faithful to all of these obligations.

In Diary of an Avatar, I simply explain my life. I explain the mechanics behind my repressed memories as well as unlocking the mysteries of the occult realms of mysticism, hypnotism and mind control, followed by intuition and of course premonitions. All of these subjects - taken on their own - suggest a string of conspiracies. However, if they were, correlated, as they should be, then they begin to explain how, this world actually works, which is a worthy pursuit.

Since this task, - filled over a thousand pages - I soon had no choice but to break my epic journey into two parts, into two books. What’s more, these enigmatic subjects are always evolving and our ever-competing world needs to keep pace with them. 
                                                                           Diary of an Avatar Part 1 = 464 pages 
                                                                           Diary of an Avatar Part 2 = 600 pages 

An epic two part memoir
of abuse, intrigue 
and deception.